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TurkDEX New Trading Platform

Our efforts towards launching a new trading platform and a new risk management system have reached the final stage. The new trading platform is planned to go live on May 25, 2012. With the new trading platform, all user screens and application programming interfaces (VOBAPI) will be renewed while comprehensive changes will be introduced in business rules. The related announcements and documents on the new trading platform are accessible through the following link.

In the past few months, the new trading platform has been available for testing and software development by our members while trainings on the new system have been organized for member representatives. In this transition stage, system tests are to be conducted with the participation of the related market participants during the month of April.

The upcoming tests shall include testing of various scenarios and observation of the performance of the system during high frequency orders/trading volume periods. The behavior of the system under real market conditions shall also be tested. These tests are to be continued during the month of May. Within the months of April and May, evaluation meetings will be held to discuss the stages of preparation of our data vendors. Before the official launch of the new trading platform, active participation of TurkDEX data vendors in the testing process and the completion of their software development are of crucial importance to ensure the integration of data vendors’ service with the new trading platform.

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