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Access to Industry News - Follow the elctronic trading industry as it unfolds from regualtors, exchanges, vednors, brokers and buy-side all in one convenient place.
Access to Archived News - Our archive of news and information exceeds 2000 pages of relevant Asia specific content
Access to Video Interviews - Hear from Asia’s electronic trading leaders as they discuss the opportunities and challenges of operating in this diverse and complex part of the world. Over 100 videos in our library!
Pan Asia Exchange Reference Info - An extensive collection of exchange trading hours, order types, products, settlement and clearing information are just some of the reference information available to you.
Invitations to Networking Events - Meet with peers, colleagues, partners and prospects throughout Asia at networking events held across the zone.
Access to Research - Gain access to research and electronic trading industry trends within Asia
Opinion Poll Results - Our bi-monthly opinion polls offer insight to the latest issues and developements for peers in Asia’s electronic trading industry.
Jobs - Gain access to a large and broad assortment of senior level job in Asia’s electronic trading industry.

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