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Taiwan Stock Exchange Index

Exchange Taiwan Futures Exchange
Type Index
Underlying Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index
Currency Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
Contract Size NT$200 x Index
Tick Size 1.0
Tick Value NT$200
Pre-Open 1
Trading Session 1 08:45 - 13:45
Pre-Open 2
Trading Session 2
Pre-Open T+1 No T+1 Session
Trading Session T+1 No T+1 Session
Last Trading Day The third Wednesday of the delivery month of each contract
Final Settlement Day The first business day following the last trading day
Final Settlement Price The final settlement price for each contract is computed from the first fifteen-minute volume-weighted average of each component stock’s prices in the index on the final settlement day. For those component stocks that are not traded during the beginning fifteen- minute interval on the final settlement day, their last closing prices would be applied instead.
Settlement Type Cash
Contract Months Spot month, the next calendar month, and the next three quarterly months in the March quarterly cycle: March, June, September, December
First Trading Day  
Position Limit Individual: 2,000 lots
Institution: 4,500 lots
Proprietary Trader: 13,500 lots
Initial Margin (outright)  
Maintenance Margin (outright)  
Clearinghouse Margin (outright)  
Listed Spread No
Initial Margin (spread)  
Maintenance Margin (spread)  
Clearinghouse Margin (spread)  
Daily Price Limit +/- 7% of previous day’s settlement price
Options Yes
Exchange Symbol TX
Reuters Symbol  
Bloomberg Symbol  
ISIN Symbol