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Exchange Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM)
Type Commodity - Deferred settlement contract
Underlying Fine gold (i.e., of 100% purity, per London Gold Market Fixing specifications)
Currency US Dollar (USD)
Contract Size 10 troy ounces
Tick Size 0.10
Tick Value $1.00 USD
Trade registration 07:00 - 08:30
Trading Session 1 08:30 - 23:00 (22:00 during DST)
Pre-Open 2
Trading Session 2
Pre-Open T+1 No T+1 Session
Trading Session T+1 No T+1 Session
Last Trading Day None - spot contract that continually rolls
Daily Settlement Price The daily settlement price for the Contracts shall be determined on the basis of the Afternoon Gold Market Fixing Price published by The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd (unless it is a London bank holiday; or if only the morning fixing price is available
Final Settlement Day Open positions at the end of each day are automatically rolled over to the next value date. A “rollover” interest charge will be collected from or paid to the buyer and seller, depending on the Gold Forward Offered (GOFO) rate. The interest charge formula will include the Contract Value, GOFO, an exchange charge and where applicable, a broker charge.
Final Settlement Price Value Date is 2 Business Days after Trade Date
Settlement Type Cash
Contract Months Spot contract with deferred settlement
First Trading Day March 30, 2010
Negotiated Large Trade (NLT) 300 lots
Position Limit
Initial Margin (outright) USD 608
Maintenance Margin (outright) USD 450
Clearinghouse Margin (outright)
Listed Spread No
Initial Margin (spread)
Maintenance Margin (spread)
Clearinghouse Margin (spread)
Daily Price Limit
Options No
Exchange Symbol LG
Reuters Symbol SLGDF1
Bloomberg Symbol LGRA
ISIN Symbol
Nextview LGmy.SC
Six Telekurs LG, 835