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Rubber TSR20

Exchange Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM)
Type Commodity
Underlying Technically Specified Rubber 20 (TSR20)r
Currency US Dollar (USD)
Contract Size 5 metric tonnes
Tick Size 0.10
Tick Value $5.00 USD
Pre Trade 07:00 - 07:45
Call Auction 07:45 - 07:54
Call Auction Freeze 07:54 - 07:55
Trading Session 1 07:55 - 11:30
Pre Trade 11:30 - 13:45
Call Auction 2 13:45 - 13:59
Call Auction Freeze 13:59 - 14:00
Trading Session 1 14:00 - 16:55
Call Auction 3 16:55 - 16:59
Call Auction Freeze 16:59 - 17:00
Pre-Close 17:00 - 17:59
Closed 18:00
Pre-Open T+1 No T+1 Session
Trading Session T+1 No T+1 Session
Last Trading Day Last day of trading of the month preceding the Delivery Month.
Settlement Type Physical
Delivery Units 20.16 metric tonnes of TSR20 manufactured from rubber produced from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees by factories approved by SICOM from time to time and shall be packed in accordance with SICOM’s prevailing shrink-wrap packing specifications.
Methods of Delivery Delivery will be made, at the Buyer’s option, either on Warehouse Delivery or FOB terms at port of loading.
Delivery Period Generally at any time of the delivery month but not earlier than the tenth business day of the delivery month. Specifics depend on the method of delivery and when delivery instructions are issued.
Port of Loading Singapore
Contract Months 12 Consecutive Months
Negotiated Large Trade (NLT) 60 lots
Position Limit 10,000 lots net long or net short in respect of any one contract month (except for the first Contract Month) or in respect of any or all contract months combined; and 2,000 lots net long or net short in the first Contract Month. SICOM may approve a higher position limit upon application.
Daily Price Limit If the price of any contract month moves 10% above or below the previous day’s settlement price, it will trigger a 15 minutes cooling off period during which orders may be entered but no matching will take place. Trading shall resume automatically after the cooling-off period, there shall be no more price limits for the remainder of the trading hours.
Initial Margin (outright)
Maintenance Margin (outright)
Clearinghouse Margin (outright)
Listed Spread No
Initial Margin (spread)
Maintenance Margin (spread)
Clearinghouse Margin (spread)
Daily Price Limit
Options No
Exchange Symbol TF
Reuters Symbol
Bloomberg Symbol
ISIN Symbol
Six Telekurs