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Summer is always too short but we hope you managed to spend some quality time with your family and are ready to pick up where we left off. We start with darkpools which has seen regional regulators scrutinize their value particularly with Barclay’s casting a shadow on these venues. Continued developments coming out of China these days, namely, the Shanghai - HK connect and China stock and index options expected to go live in October. We look to the Philippines where we see a growing interest and investment at the exchange. And speaking of exchanges we saw a few outages during first half of the year and write about inevitable outages that can occur from time-to-time. Thailand continues to develop its derivatives market allowing for local funds broader investment into these products. I am sure we will get you back up to speed with this our lucky 13 issue.

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• APAC traders react to Barclays’ dark pool case - Buy-side traders are more wary but urge prudence and diligence over pulling the plug on dark pools.
• PSE navigates difficult waters - The Philippines’ capital markets are gradually emerging from legacy red-tape to modern trading methodologies.
• China puts options on the table - Chinese regulators are expected to introduce options trading by the end of the year.
• SGX bets fairness will drive revenues - Reforms announced by Singapore’s regulator aims to bolster the exchange’s reputation as it struggles against falling equity volumes.
• Thai OTC derivatives - Market set to open up to accredited investors
• August Fragmentation in Asia Report
• August Asia Electronic Trading Industry Highlights
• July Asia Equity Trading Volume and Trade Size
• August Asia Top 50 Futures and Index Contracts

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