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Past Polls

1) Are You Interested In The Electronic Trading Industry In Asia?

2) What Is A Fair Price For An ISV’s Trading Application

3) Fix vs. Vendor

4) What will be the toughest challenge for the electronic trading industry in 2010?

5)What will be the most significant development in Asia’s electronic trading industry in 2010?

6)What Asia city is the best to headquarter an electronic trading business?

7)Whose sell side algorithms are the best?

8 )Are You Considering A Colocation Service?

9)Which ISV Develops The Best Market Making Solution?

10)Does Your Firm Use Transaction Cost Analysis?

11)Which ISV has the best all around Order Management System (OMS)?

12)Do You Think Electronic Trading Needs Further Regulation?

13)Which Aspects of Electronic Trading Require Further Regulation?

14)How Much Customization Would You Like With Your Algorithms?

15)What Do You Want To Know About Electronic Trading in Asia?

16)How Does Market Data Rank in Terms of Cost to Your Firm?

17)What Is Your View Of Sponsored Or Naked Access?

18)Are You Interested To Trade Asia Futures on Western Exchanges?

19)One Year After the TSE Upgrade Has Trading in Japan Improved?

20) Are Asia’s Exchanges Concerned About Western Exchange Mergers?

21) Should Japan Have Closed Its Exchanges After The Quake?

22) How Many Gold Contracts Will The Hong Kong Merc Trade On Its First Day?

23) Given the recent volatility how are you approaching sell side algo usage?

24) What Is The Life Time of An Algo?

25) Who Should Pay ASICs Inflated Regulatory Costs?