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Thailand Futures Exchange Adds 10 Underlying Securities For Stock Futures

Kesara Manchusree TFEX Managing Director

Kesara Manchusree TFEX Managing Director

The Thailand Futures Exchange pcl (TFEX), under The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), will add 10 underlying securities for stock futures, on top of the 50 currently available, and add the combination series of
SET50 Index Futures and Gold Futures, starting from July 15.

TFEX Managing Director Kesara Manchusree said: “On July 15, TFEX will add 10 underlying securities to the existing list of stock futures, bringing the total underlying securities to 60. Investors have shown an increase interest in stock futures this year and adding new underlying securities will enable investors to manage their portfolios more efficiently.

All new underlying securities are constituents of the SET100 Index which have market capitalizations of more than THB 10 billion (approx. USD 333.3 million) and high liquidity. They are comprised of AP (Thailand) pcl (AP), Bangkok Chain Hospital pcl (BCH), Bangkok Expressway pcl (BECL), Bangkok Life Assurance pcl (BLA), Hemraj Land and Development pcl (HEMRAJ), L.P.N. Development pcl (LPN), Major Cineplex Group pcl (MAJOR), Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding pcl (RATCH), Supalai pcl (SPALI) and Thai Vegetable Oil pcl (TVO).

The addition of 10 new underlying securities will cover two new sectors, which are Insurance (BLA) and Media & Publishing (MAJOR). In total, there will be 14 sectors which have securities underlying stock futures: Information & Communication Technology (ADVANC. DTAC, INTUCH, JAS, THCOM, TRUE), Transportation & Logistics (AAV, AOT, BECL, BTS, THAI, TTA), Banking (BAY, BBL, KBANK, KK, KTB, TMB, SCB, TCAP), Agribusiness (STA), Petrochemicals & Chemicals (IVL, PTTGC), Energy & Utilities (BANPU, BCP, PTT, PTTEP, IRPC, RATCH, TOP),
Property Development (AP, AMATA, BLAND, CK, CPN, HEMRAJ, ITD, LH, LPN, PS, QH,SIRI, SPALI, STEC), Commerce (BJC, CPALL, HMPRO, ROBINS), Construction Materials (SCC, TPIPL), Food and Beverage (CPF, TUF, TVO, MINT), Health Care Services (BCH, BGH, BH) and Tourism & Leisure (CENTEL).

“Also, on July 15, TFEX will add combination series for SET50 Index Futures and 10-baht and 50-baht Gold Futures to better facilitate investors who wish to trade contracts with the same underlying securities but different maturity dates. This will enable investors to make use of the spread trading strategy more easily,” Kesara concluded.

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