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Jakarta Futures Exchange Agrees Terms With Trayport Exchange Systems and 3i Infotech

Suite of new solutions will enable the rapidly expanding exchange to stay ahead of its regional rivals.

Trayport® Exchange Systems and 3i Infotech announced March 22 they have agreed terms with the Jakarta Futures Exchange in Indonesia for the deployment of a new trading, surveillance and risk management system with an integrated online broker workstation. This will comprise Trayport’s GlobalVision Exchange Trading SystemSM, 3i Infotech’s AWACS specialist risk management and surveillance solution and 3i Infotech’s Tradis Online broker workstation.

With exchanges like the Jakarta Futures Exchange set to be key catalysts for global economic recovery, and as future destinations for new and overseas listings, there is a market need to ensure that these venues are secure, transparent, and able to prevent instances of manipulation.

Trayport’s GlobalVision Exchange Trading SystemSM integrates seamlessly with 3i Infotech’s AWACS solution. This gives the Jakarta Futures Exchange, its members and associated clearers complete control over position and margin management, market exposure, trading limits and market entry. 3i Infotech’s AWACS system and its Tradis broker workstation will ensure that the exchange not only has access to one of the most sophisticated, automated, multi-segment fraud monitoring solutions on the market, but the link to Trayport’s platform means it has a system that can handle new exchange-traded instruments, as the regional market develops.

The initial phase of the project will start in April 2010. “The Jakarta Futures Exchange is pleased to be working with Trayport Exchange Systems and 3i Infotech on establishing our new technology platform. Initially this will not only support Jakarta Futures Exchange trading in Olein (palm oil) futures and Gold contracts but also enable us to introduce new markets including Coffee and Cocoa. The new platform combines risk management and surveillance with an exchange trading system that allows us to continue to be a world class exchange offering market leading technology to our members. The experience that both Trayport and 3i Infotech have in commodities markets automation was a major factor in our procurement process and will assist our growth as a leading exchange,” said Lukas Lauw, Head of Trading and IT at Jakarta Futures Exchange.

With the exchange in Jakarta playing a crucial role in global trading volumes, the implementation of advanced trading systems from Trayport and 3i Infotech, will ensure it has what it needs to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding market place, and gain the confidence of new investors. These solutions have the additional advantage of being able to scale up, as the market grows.

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