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Bombay Stock Exchange Deploys Solarflare To Accelerate Trade Execution

Russell Stern, CEO of Solarflare -

Russell Stern, CEO of Solarflare -

Solarflare, the leader in application-intelligent 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (10/40GbE) technology, on 24 November announced BSE Ltd. – formerly known as Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. – has deployed Solarflare’s intelligent network I/O software and hardware on their customer gateways and throughout their core network.

BSE Ltd. has deployed Solarflare’s software products OpenOnload® and Solarflare Precision Time on the FlareonTM Ultra server I/O platform to accelerate network applications, improve network monitoring and synchronize server clocks across their network.

“We at BSE are quite proud of the level of service we offer the more than 5,000 companies listed on BSE,” said Kersi Tavadia, BSE Ltd. Chief Information Officer. “Our goal has always been to deliver best-in-class performance to our customers. After a thorough evaluation of several options to upgrade our network, it became clear that Solarflare’s intelligent network I/O platform offered the best solution to meet or exceed our aggressive performance targets.”

“With over 1,200 customers worldwide, the vast majority of electronic trades made on a daily basis around the world rely on Solarflare’s technology to perform flawlessly,” said Russell Stern, Solarflare CEO. “BSE Ltd.’s selection of Solarflare’s software and hardware is an excellent indicator of the competitive advantage our technology provides. It also reflects positively on the commitment we’ve made to India, exemplified by the recent opening of our extensive R&D facility in New Delhi.”

As a result of their new relationship, Solarflare and BSE Ltd. – together with Arista Networks – will be conducting workshops that highlight the advantages of architecting an ultra-low latency infrastructure. The companies will reveal low latency best practices and the importance of increased network visibility and monitoring through best-in-class packet capture and hardware time stamping.

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