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ASEAN Exchanges On Track To Create An ASEAN Asset Class

Magnus Bocker CEO of SGX -

Magnus Bocker CEO of SGX -

The ASEAN Exchanges CEOs convened 22 August at the 21st ASEAN Exchanges CEOs meeting to discuss the next collaborative action steps to market and promote ASEAN as one asset class. Since its launch in April 2011, ASEAN Exchanges have delivered on several key milestones such as the ASEAN Trading Link and development of a unique post trade solution which serves to provide greater exposure and access to the diverse range of investable companies across ASEAN.

Speaking on behalf of ASEAN Exchanges, Magnus Bocker, CEO of Singapore Exchange said, “The collaborative action amongst the ASEAN Exchanges has been a vital force in moving things forward to achieve our goals and this is most evident in the significant progress we have made over a relatively short period of time. Since the formalisation of ASEAN Exchanges in April 2011 by officially introducing ASEAN Exchanges website and until now, we have put in place the ASEAN Trading Link to connect our markets and, are able to also now provide streamlined, cost-effective post-trade procedures for cross-border transaction conducted via the ASEAN Trading Link. Each of the Exchange members has embarked on their own in-market engaging activities with the market players to market and create greater visibility of ASEAN products to investors.”

In May 2014, three new ASEAN indices with FTSE were introduced bringing more ASEAN tradable opportunities for investors and to enhance liquidity among the Exchanges. Other key initiatives include the ASEAN Stars and the Invest ASEAN retail roadshows to profile the exciting companies listed on the seven exchanges in ASEAN to mainly retail investors.

The ASEAN Exchanges website provides investors up-to-date information about ASEAN markets and a single, integrated view of the ASEAN market. The website – - allows investors to gain access to aggregated ASEAN market data and analytics, market performance of the seven ASEAN exchanges individually, broker research reports and FTSE/ASEAN Indices Weekly Report. The website is built around the ASEAN Stars, the 180 ASEAN blue-chip stocks which represent the 30 most exciting companies of each ASEAN country as ranked by investability in terms of market capitalisation and liquidity.

The seven ASEAN Exchanges have a combined market capitalisation of approximately USD 2,900 billion and more than 3,600 companies listed on their exchanges. These companies include some of the largest and most dynamic companies in the world, encompassing various sectors such as banking and finance, energy, telecommunications, commodities and manufacturing.

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