Are You Considering Colo or Proximity Service in Asia?

Posted By Steve On Sunday, June 19th, 2011 With 0 Comments
Are You Considering Colo or Proximity Service in Asia?
The purpose of this opinion poll was to gauge the demand and interest of proximity and colocation services in Asia.

Trading strategies that are latency sensitive are increasingly making sense in Asia as both technology is vastly improving and competition for speed has made these types of strategies difficult to execute in the West.

Exchange matching engines in Asia namely Japan, Australia, Singapore in India now perform as well as any in the world facilitating high frequency trading, though implicit and explicit costs still need to be addressed, competition is limited making Asia fertile trading grounds for the technology driven trader.

Or at least that is what we think and we want to know if you “Are You Considering Colo or Proximity Service in Asia” which would support or refute our comment.

Colo Proximity Hosting in Asia
Yes, we are looking now 40%
Yes, but not urgently 30%
Not at this time 15%
Maybe 10%
No, not at all 5%
Future Poll results will be published in the Weekly Bulletin. Please sign up below.

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