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About AsiaEtrading.com Opinion Polls
The scope of the electronic trading industry is vast in Asia let alone globally. AsiaEtrading.com would like to attempt to capture the opinions of electronic trading practitioners in Asia. As such, we have prepared a series of Opinion Polls for our industry and will report the outcome from time to time. We would like you to participate and invite others to participate as well as we seek all shades of opinion.

Opinion Poll Demographics.
It’s difficult to know for sure but I think it safe to say that voters are involved in the electronic trading industry in some facet or other. They range from newly graduated entrants up to the most senior levels of company management. There are likely more men than woman respondants but that could depend on the nature of the poll. Questions focused on back office, for example, might yield a higher response from woman as they tend to hold a higher proportion of back office jobs. The poll results are also subject to the distribution AsiaEtrading.com is capable of reaching and may not reflect specific countries, job functions or cultures.

These polls are intended to capture and share the opinions of others and to drive the direction of information and resources available at the website. AsiaEtrading.com can’t presume to know what the wants or wishes of the electronic trading community in Asia are but we hope our Opinion Poll series can make a fair attempt at trying.

It is entirely possible the current polling question holds no interest for you or you lack the expertise to provide an informed response. Check back often as the questions do change and clear, concise feedback benefit the electronic trading industry not in Asia but globally too. At some stage perhaps the results of these poll series may even influence policy on regulatory, exchange or vendor services to forge a better way forward.

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