Price Limits

Posted By Steve On Monday, May 24th, 2010 With 0 Comments

The Shanghai Stock Exchange imposes the daily price limit on trading of stocks and mutual funds, with a daily price up/down limit of 10% for stocks and mutual funds and a daily price up/down limit of 5% for stocks under special treatment (ST shares or *ST shares).

The price limit is calculated as follows: price limit = previous closing price × (1± price up/down limit percentage) .

The calculation result shall be rounded to the tick size.

The price limit does not apply to any of the following cases on the first trading day:

(1) IPO shares or closed-end funds;
(2) further issue;
(3) shares whose listing is resumed after suspension; or
(4) other cases as recognized by the Exchange.

The Exchange may adjust the daily price up/down limit upon the approval of the CSRC.

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