What Market Share Will Chi-X Australia Capture in The First 2 Months?

Posted By Steve On Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 With 0 Comments
What Market Share Will Chi-X Australia Capture in The First 2 Months?
The purpose of this opinion poll was to get an idea of what the industry thought of Chi-X Australia’s success after launch would be.

We found that 50% of those who volunteered to be polled said that Chi-X Australia would garner between 2-5% of the Australian Securities Exchange equity trading volume in just two months. Well they were right. Chi-X has in fact gathered more than 2% of market share but they only needed one month to reach that level. That optimism could be seen throughout most of the opinion poll in fact, with more than 18% expecting Chi-X to capture between 5 and 10% of market share and almost 8% of those who were polled offered greater than 10% of the ASX turnover would be lost to the new contestant. Like with most things in life there are always a few pessimists with nearly 4% of respondents thinking that Chi-X would just close up and go home.

Chi-X Opinion Poll
One to Five Percent 50%
Less Than One Percent 19.7%
Five to 10 Percent 18.4%
More than 10 Percent 7.9%
I don’t think Chi-X Will survive 4.0%
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