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TWSE Renews MOU With Warsaw Stock Exchange

Lee Sush-Der, Chairman Taiwan Stock Exchange -

Lee Sush-Der, Chairman Taiwan Stock Exchange -

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) is actively expanding its interaction and links with foreign stock exchanges and has renewed its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) that was originally signed in 2008. The renewal aims to enhance trading volumes on both markets, strengthen trading regulations and meet the challenge of attracting increasingly globalized capital flows.

In recent years, the WSE has become a major fundraising center for Central Europe. As of 3 April 2014, a total of 451 companies are listed on the WSE, including 46 foreign-owned companies, with a total market capitalization of around US$293.5 billion. Growing trade between Taiwan and Poland, as well as the rest of Europe, has also seen Vakomtek S.A., a Taiwanese company based in Poland, apply to list on WSE’s emerging market.

The renewal of the MOU reflects both closer economic and trading ties between Taiwan and Poland, as well as the intention of the TWSE and the WSE to explore future cooperation that will further link both capital markets.

Mr. Lee Sush-der, Chairman of TWSE, said “The renewal of the MOU between the TWSE and the WSE reflects deepening economic cooperation and trading relations between Taiwan and Poland. It also symbolizes the determination of both sides to continue our discussion on a number of important cooperation initiatives that will drive the sustainable development of both our capital markets.”

As of September 2014, the TWSE has concluded 39 agreements with 30 stock exchanges. Most of these agreements focused on the sharing of information, followed by business cooperation, the exchange of personnel, new product development and market promotion, among other areas.

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