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Tokyo Grain Exchange to Consolidate to TOCOM

The Tokyo Grain Exchange Inc. will migrate all open positions and operations etc. to other commodity futures exchanges (rice futures to the Kansai Commodity Exchange and soybeans, azuki, corn and raw sugar futures to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc.) to enhance the resilience of the agricultural markets in Japan. The date of market consolidation is targeted for February 12, 2013.

It is not necessary, therefore, to liquidate positions prior to the market consolidation as all open positions that remain one business day prior to the date of migration will continue to be tradable at the exchanges after the products are migrated.

Please note:
1) The trading method for rice futures may change in accordance to the decision made by the Kansai Commodity Exchange.
2) The procedures of migration, with the approval by the regulatory authority, will take place in accordance with the amendments of the Market Administrative Bylaws and Regulations Governing Brokerage Activity. Details will be given at a later date.

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