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Thai Bourse Continues To Tighten Collaboration With GMS Exchanges

Kesara Manchusree, President, SET -

Kesara Manchusree, President, SET -

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), together with four stock exchanges in Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) - Cambodia, Hanoi, Hochiminh and Laos -, participated in the second GMS exchanges CEOs meeting ‘GMS Focus’. This SET’s hosted meeting serves as a platform for closer collaboration among GMS exchanges.

A collaboration of five stock exchanges in GMS has continued after successfully organizing the first GMS Focus last year by initiating the GMS exchange’s information center on SET website, an integrated single-window view into the GMS capital market featuring market data that contains each market stock quotation together with regional brokers and exchanges’ information. It is the first key milestone for the cooperation of the GMS exchanges, bringing new investment opportunities to the region. Furthermore, the five exchanges also jointly agree to launch the GMS exchanges’ information center from each exchange’s website. In addition, factsheet of listed companies in each market will be facilitated on the website, reinforcing the exchanges’ cooperative effort to promote investment opportunity in the region.

The GMS Exchanges CEOs meeting this year focused on potential areas for cooperation towards the ASEAN Economic Community 2015, including a more efficient implementation of international accounting standard in GMS countries, providing more market information of GMS market in both more market coverage and more details of products from each market and continuously developing capital market education plan for all participant types: corporate, investor, intermediary and regulator in the region. All exchanges also agreed to set up a permanent working group to ensure a continuous development of the regional capital market.

Kesara Manchusree, President of The Stock Exchange of Thailand, said “The GMS exchanges have worked closely since the first meeting, continuing to strengthen connectivity among exchanges in the GMS. The launch of GMS Exchanges’ website marks the first key milestone for the strong collaboration of the five exchanges, increasing visibility to regional and international investors. SET agrees to be a partner of the GMS exchanges to jointly develop capital market in the region.”

Hong Sok Hour, CEO of Cambodia Securities Exchange, said “the GMS exchanges CEOs meeting is an excellent platform for us to come together and share our ideas towards realizing long-lasting prosperity in the GMS. It significantly marked how closer we are in an integrated world and how crucial for us to remain connected.”

Tran Van Dzung, CEO of Hanoi Stock Exchange, said “Collaboration among GMS exchanges will strengthen the Mekong region as a whole. We look forward to GMS exchanges playing a more proactive role in contributing to the capital market development and bridging the development gap in the region in order to move ahead towards the establishment of AEC in 2015.”

Phan Thi Tuong Tam, CEO of Hochiminh Stock Exchange, said “It is a good opportunity that we get together in the meeting of the exchanges in GMS. The collaboration among GMS exchanges and related capital market organizations is important in strengthening the Mekong region to move forward together to capture and take advantage of these opportunities in the years to come.”

Dethphouvang Moularat, Chairman & CEO of Lao Securities Exchange, said “I’m very happy to attend the 2nd GMS Exchanges CEOs Meeting which is a proactive platform for us to continually share and exchange experiences. LSX has worked with SET for a long time on professional and investor education development and is willing to promote multilateral information sharing on capital market development in the GMS in the near future”

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