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Taiwan Stock Exchange Invests US$90mln In State-of-Ar​t Earthquake Proof Data Center

Lee Sush-Der, Chairman Taiwan Stock Exchange -

Lee Sush-Der, Chairman Taiwan Stock Exchange -

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) is pushing forward with the construction of a new state-of-ar​t data center in Banqiao (“BQ Data Center”), New Taipei City, which will be fully operational by the end of 2015.

The US$90 million BQ data center will greatly strengthen the physical trading infrastructure of the Taiwan capital market by providing a secure operational environment for reliable trade execution and connectivity to global investors and foreign markets. It will position the Taiwan capital market at the forefront of technology infrastructure by considerably reducing order flow and market data dissemination latencies, enabling Taiwan participants to benefit from higher efficiency and lower latency.

The development of the BQ Data Center will enable TWSE to offer co-location services, as well as a foundation for the launch of cloud application services in the future.

Mr. Lee Sush-der, Chairman of TWSE said, “TWSE has been continuously promoting the internationalization of the Taiwan capital market. Adopting advanced trading infrastructure is an important step. Like TWSE, many stock exchanges around the world are upgrading their trading infrastructure to provide a reliable, fast and convenient trading environment for international investors. Our investment in the BQ Data Center will significantly enhance the competitiveness of the Taiwan capital market.”

The BQ Data Center is situated in the heart of Taipei’s technology corridor within Chunghwa Telecom’s Banqiao Digital Park. The center will consist of ten floors (including 3 underground levels and 1 level of seismic isolation layer) occupying a total area of 28,657 sqm. It will meet stringent international standards for green engineering and maximizes energy efficiency by adopting DCIM technology.

The BQ Data Center meets Tier-4 international recognized specifications and is designed to withstand magnitude 7 earthquakes and flooding, ensuring that the market can maintain its integrity in the case of a natural disaster.

Michael Lin, President of TWSE, said, “The design of the new data center demonstrates TWSE’s commitment to adhere to international trends and plan ahead for future business growth. The new platform offers high performance, reliability and scalability to market participants and network vendors.”

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