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Plan for KRX Management after Termination of Designation as Public Institution

Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO, KRX -

Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO, KRX -

The Korea Exchange (KRX) announced that the Committee for Management of Public Institutions under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance decided to terminate the designation of the KRX as a public institution at the 2nd meeting of the Committee convened on January 29, 2015.

Six years has passed since the KRX was designated as a public institution in January 2009, and the purpose of the termination is to create an atmosphere in which the KRX can make its best efforts in order to develop the capital market.

Goal of the KRX Management
Since this year marks the 10th anniversary for the KRX which started out by consolidating three domestic markets, it is believed that upcoming ten years would be an important decade for the Korean capital market to leap forward to
become a global player.

To achieve the goal, the KRX will endeavor to be one of the top seven financial markets in the world by focusing its capacity on playing its original role as the capital market and innovating its services. In detail, the KRX plans to increase the dynamics of the capital market by facilitating the trading of stocks and the listing of corporations, align the system and practice of its markets with the global standards and promote the internationalization of the capital market by expanding the global cooperation, and refurbish itself as a genuine service organization for the capital market through customer-oriented management innovation.

Creation of an active capital market
The KRX will strive to boost its market through creation and innovation for the purpose of building a vigorous capital market that such market participants as investors, corporations and the financial community are looking for.
To improve the dynamics of the stock market and thereby lead the economic recovery, the KRX plans to improve the environment where investors conduct trading and corporations raise funds and also resolve issues related to the Korea discounts including low dividend practice and underdeveloped corporate governance.

In addition, the KRX will differentiate both the KOSDAQ and KONEX markets as a platform where the venture capital can recoup its investment and SMEs and venture businesses equipped with technology can be supported to grow further
to serve as a growth engine for the creative economy. With respect to the derivatives market, the KRX will restore the dynamism of the market by developing various risk management products such as Mini-KOSPI 200 futures and Chinese Yuan futures and new instruments that can meet diversified demand for indirect investments.

Leading the internationalization of the capital market
The KRX will promote the globalization that is essential for the development of the Korean financial market. Legal framework, market practice and business process will be reviewed in light of the international standards and reshuffled accordingly. The international cooperation with overseas markets will be expanded through export of IT systems, global alliance in trading, listing of foreign investment products, etc. Furthermore, the KRX will exert itself to secure an overseas business base through more aggressive global strategies including M&As and joint ventures, etc.

Continuous management innovation
To be a core service provider in the capital market, the KRX will seek to establish a customer-oriented management system and necessary institutional arrangements, improve the management efficiency in such areas as organizational, financial and human resources, and create a challenging and dynamic corporate culture.

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