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Master Services Agreement Has Been Signed Between The Mongolian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange

In the recent years, Government has set a special attention toward developing the capital market. Consequently, the State Great Khural has issued the decree No.79 in 2009, as the Government issued the decree No.115 in 2010; which are now in the implementation in every step, progressively.

Part of the implementation process was signing off the “Strategic Partnership Agreement” between Mongolian State Property Committee and London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

On April 8, Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) and LSEG are signing the “Master Service Agreement” to put detailed work plan into practice.

Under the framework of this agreement, LSEG will cooperate to introduce an integrated securities trading system, help deriving a proper legal environment and bring the infrastructure, technology and human resources’ capability to the international standards.

Additionally, this restructuring will facilitate both local and foreign investors with opportunities to trade via MSE’s high-speed trading platform, regardless of time and space, revolving around the clock efficiently, with low cost in long terms.

The private sector will gain exclusive access to attract long term low cost foreign investments through the local capital market.

Furthermore, connecting Ulaanbaatar-London-Toronto stock exchange will open the gate to global markets to trade for 24/5.

Establishing lasting partnership with reputational, internationally recognized LSEG; who drives the one of the biggest financial markets, will truly benefit Mongolian financial market.

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