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Hong Kong Warrants Surge

Hong Kong Warrants Surge

Martin Wong, Director and Head of Hong Kong Warrants, Citi The warrants market is the most precious asset of market operator Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing (HKEx), the jewel in its crown as it struggles to compete for primary listings and maintain its regional pre-eminence in cash equity >>

HKEX Censures Goldman For Breaching Listing Agreement

GS (as Issuer of structured products listed and traded on the Exchange) and The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (as Guarantor) signed the Listing Agreement with the Exchange dated 25 October 2005. The Listing Agreement set out the obligations to which GS was and is subject as an issuer of structured >>

2 Deutsche Warrant Traders Arrested

In response to media enquiries, an ICAC spokesman today (Thursday) confirmed that 11 persons were arrested for alleged bribery in relation to fraudulent trading of derivative warrants issued by a (Deutsche Bank) bank. Arrested in an operation codenamed "Leap Over", which commenced on Tuesday, >>

SGX Lines up Market Participants to Promote Liquidity

Singapore Exchange (SGX) today said it has secured dedicated market makers for the trading of Prudential PLC (Prudential) shares at their 25 May 2010 listing on SGX. The market makers will provide two-way bid/offer quotes to enhance liquidity. SGX expects to have a pool of liquidity providers >>

TWSE Announces Amendment to Method in Assigning Warrant Security Codes

1. In order to avoid replicating security codes within a short period due to the volume and potential demand for issuing call (put) warrants, TWSE has amended the security code assignment method for newly listed (and over-the-counter) warrants, effective from May 17, 2010. The new method, which >>

Two Warrant Traders Convicted of Market Manipulation In Hong Kong

The District Court found two warrant traders guilty May 7 of manipulating the market in various listed derivative warrants issued by Macquarie Bank Ltd (Macquarie Bank) between January 2004 and January 2005. Mr Patrick Fu Kor Kuen and Mr Francis Lee Shu Yuen were convicted before His Honour >>

Creating a Warrant Market Making Engine

Creating a Warrant Market Making Engine: A discussion on alternative approaches. Background For a period of time warrant trading was a highly profitable easy business in equities trading. Today it is still profitable but becoming operationally more difficult in developed markets such as >>