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Australian Securities Exchange Implements Velocimetrics

Steve Colwill, CEO and Chief Architect, Velocimetrics

Steve Colwill, CEO and Chief Architect, Velocimetrics

Velocimetrics, today announces that the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), has implemented Velocimetrics. The solution delivers real-time visibility of latency issues that could cause trading delays, providing greater operational oversight and increasing the exchange’s ability to proactively respond to issues and minimise potential member impact.

As the global exchange environment proves increasingly competitive, the consistent availability of ultra-fast order matching speeds and on-going reliability are integral to member satisfaction. With this new solution, ASX is able to achieve the level of transparency necessary to fully understand the hop-by-hop performance of every equity order submitted to ASX Trade, one of the fastest integrated equities and derivative platforms in the world. This is achieved without impacting performance. In doing so, the ASX can identify at which stage within the trade lifecycle orders may be taking longer to process than expected and continuously strive to achieve even faster trade matching.

Using the EndaceProbeTM Intelligent Network Recorder (INR) for packet capture, network monitoring, recording and nanosecond accurate time stamping at each hop, Velocimetrics instantly decodes the protocol, and extracts the relevant business information. The complete flow of events is then reconstructed from order receipt, to trade matching and confirmation. Velocimetrics then applies advanced analytics to the captured data revealing valuable business insight and real-time alerts instantly highlight trading anomalies.

The solution assures ASX of the latency being achieved on an on-going basis, quickly detecting an issue’s emergence and pinpointing its location. Additionally, by providing detailed analysis of the performance levels being achieved by individual orders, participants or instruments, ASX is also able to:
• Provide enhanced member support
• Respond more effectively to questions relating to performance issues
• Independently verify latency levels
• More successfully diagnose individual member issues.

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