Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2012

TSE Trading Halt on Tdex+ NYSE Technologies Platform

Resumption of Derivatives Trading (Aug 7)

All derivatives contracts will resume trading in today’s session as follows.

1. Issue: All derivatives contracts

2. Time of Starting Order Acceptance: 10:40 AM

3. Time of Resuming Trading: 10:55 AM

4. Remarks: Out of orders which were accepted during the morning session, those that were not executed excluding GTC orders are cancelled. Please place such orders again where necessary.
Temporary Trading Halt to the Derivatives Markets (Aug 7)

Temporary Halt of Derivatives Trading

1. Issue: All derivatives contracts (excluding cash equity and ToSTNeT transactions)

2. Period: A period of time deemed necessary by TSE from August 7 (Tue) 9:22 AM

3. Reason: Due to falling under Rule 12, Item 2 of the Special Regulations of Business Regulations and Brokerage Agreement Standards Concerning Government Bond Futures Contract (Rule 13 of the Enforcement Rules for the same regulations), etc.
(Because TSE deems it is difficult to continue trading due to the problems in its trading system.)

4. Remarks: With regards to ToSTNeT transactions, orders will continue to be accepted via FAX (Please note that an order placed to the system during the trading halt will result in an error response).

We also regret to inform you of an error in the start time of the trading halt that was initially released. We hereby clarify that the system failure occurred at 9:18 a.m. and the actual trading halt began at 9:22 a.m.

Trades executed during the period on and after 9:18 a.m., when the system failure occurred, until 9:22 a.m., the start time of the trading halt, shall be valid.

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