Published On: Tue, Jun 22nd, 2010

TSE Proximity Service and Expansion of Co-Location Service

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE), which has been providing TSE Co-Location Service (TSE Co-Lo) at its Primary Site since May 2009, announced June 22 that it plans to provide a new proximity service (“TSE Proximity Service” or “TSE Prox”) at the arrownet Access Point in Ikebukuro in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.

Via TSE Prox, TSE plans to improve the value-added services of its market by placing emphasis on connectivity to other Japanese and Asian markets. TSE Prox will be available to Trading Participants as well as information vendors and other market-related parties. The service will facilitate order placement to and information reception from several markets. TSE aims to position TSE Prox as a hub for the Asian markets.

An “inter-rack cross-connect” service will also be introduced as part of TSE Prox. This will allow cross-connect between different user racks, thereby providing increased flexibility and convenience to users.

TSE will provide more details about TSE Prox when it publishes a service guide in early August 2010.

With the planned introduction of TSE Prox, “TSE Customer Connectivity Services,” which provides customers with various forms of access to TSE, will be composed of the following two services:
– TSE Co-Lo, which minimizes latency to TSE systems and is already available at the Primary Site; and
– TSE Prox, which places emphasis on connectivity to other markets and aims to serve as a hub for the Japanese and Asian markets.

From the perspective of enhancing the services provided as part of TSE Co-Lo at the Primary Site, TSE is currently considering allowing TSE Co-Lo use by information vendors and introducing an inter-rack cross-connect service, which has been requested by many market-related parties.

In relation to the services mentioned above, TSE submitted an inquiry to the National Tax Agency with regard to tax treatment related to use of the services at both the TSE Primary Site and Access Points by foreign investors who do not have a business operations base in Japan.

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