Published On: Sat, Oct 15th, 2011

TSE: Provision of New Arrownet Service

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (hereinafter “TSE”) is scheduled to begin providing a new service in the first quarter of FY2012 related to arrownet, which is the access network to the trading system, market information system, and other systems. In the new service, TSE will achieve the following 4 points with the provision of broadband-line services and consolidated lines.

1. Provision of Broadband-Line Service – Upgrade to 1Gbps

Based on the diversification of trading methods and the improved capabilities of arrowhead, TSE will expand the bandwidth of connection lines, allowing it to properly respond to order concentration due to sharp market moves and increased market information with the provision of 1Gbps lines.

2. Provision of Consolidated Lines – Allow Multiple Services over a Single Line

Users will be able to take advantage of a more efficient network with consolidation of order-placement lines (unicast) and market information lines (multicast) and consolidation of live and test lines via the broadband-line service.

3. Connection with Other Institutions’ Systems – Allow Connection to the Systems of Other Institutions through arrownet

TSE hopes that arrownet will not serve just as the exchange network, but also as a means of enhancing user efficiency and convenience. As such, TSE will promote connections with a wide-variety of institutions and is currently in discussions regarding a connection with the next-generation system of Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.

This achievement will allow users to utilize arrownet to simultaneously connect to the systems of different institutions.

4. Connection with Extranet – Improved Convenience for Access from Overseas

TSE is currently engaged in active discussions with NYSE Euronext regarding a mutual connection with their network (SFTI), as announced in March 2011. In addition to the aforementioned systems of other institutions, we are also working to improve access from overseas with global extranets operated by other outside institutions.

Further details of the new service are scheduled to be released in January 2012.

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