Published On: Sun, Jul 8th, 2012

TSE June Trading Statistics


-Purchasing was seen with the retreat of concerns over Greece abandoning the euro. TOPIX rose 7%, posting the first monthly gains in 3 months. Daily average trading value continued to remain at a low level.

-With the rally in the market, purchasing was seen in the “TOPIX Bull (2x) ETF”(Code: 1568), a useful ETF when TOPIX is on the rise. This ETF greatly surpassed TOPIX’s rise, posting 15% gains.

-The Tokyo real estate REIT “Activia Properties, Inc.” (Code: 3279) listed, bringing the total number of listed REITs to 35. The TSE REIT Index made its first gains in 3 months as REITs were purchased as high-yield products amidst global financial easing.

[JGB Futures]
-Monthly trading volume for 10yr JGB Futures reached 956,274 contracts (daily average: 45,537 contracts), a 25% rise month-on-month.
-Monthly trading volume for the evening session for 10yr JGB Futures was 127,699 contracts (daily average: 6,079 contracts), a 94% increase month-on-month and the second highest level on record.

[Index Futures]
-Monthly trading volume for TOPIX Futures was 2,142,346 contracts (daily average: 102,016 contracts), a 12% rise month-on-month.
-Monthly trading volume for Mini-TOPIX Futures was 147,483 contracts (daily average: 7,023 contracts), a 128% rise month-on-month.
-Monthly trading volume for the evening session for Mini-TOPIX Futures was 13,336 contracts, a new record.

[Individual Securities Options]
-Monthly trading volume for Individual Securities Options was 52,418 contracts, the highest level since February 2011 (16 months)

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