Published On: Sun, May 5th, 2013

TSE April 2013 Statistics

Atsushi Saito, JPX Group CEO

Atsushi Saito, JPX Group CEO

-Following the new “quantitative and qualitative monetary easing” by BOJ and the continued weakness of the yen, purchasing was strong and TOPIX rose 12.6%. Average daily trading value exceeded JPY 3 trillion, reaching its highest level since February 2007.
-On the 19th, 5 ETNs issued by Nomura Europe Finance N.V. were listed, bringing the total number of listed ETFs/ETNs to 136 issues. The monthly auction trading value for TSE/OSE ETFs reached a new record high of JPY 1.2903 trillion.
-Though the TSE REIT Index continued to post positive results in response to BOJ monetary easing, a sudden spike prompted selling and the index declined 2.6%, the largest monthly drop since July 2012.
JGB Futures
-Monthly trading volume for 10-year JGB Futures was 757,081 contracts (daily average: 36,051 contracts), a 8% gain month-on-month.
-Monthly trading volume for the evening session of 10-year JGB Futures was 81,702 contracts (daily average: 3,891 contracts), a 19% gain month-on-month.
TOPIX Futures
-Monthly trading volume of TOPIX Futures was 1,927,144 contracts (daily average: 91,769 contracts), a 2.2 time gain month-on-month.
-Monthly trading volume of the evening session for TOPIX Futures was 125,690 contracts (daily average: 5,985 contracts), a 4.1 time gain month-on-month and the 2nd highest historically.
-Monthly trading volume of Mini TOPIX Futures was 434,690 contracts (daily average: 20,700 contracts), a 2.5 time gain month-on-month and a new historical record.
-Monthly trading volume of the evening sessino for Mini TOPIX Futures was 55,734 contracts (daily average: 2,654 contracts), a 6.3 time gain month-on-month and a new historical record.
[Options on JGB Futures]
-Monthly trading volume of Options on JGB Futures was 236,530 contracts (daily average: 11,263 contracts), a 38% gain month-on-month.

Equities Market (Including ToSTNeT)
(Volume: mil. Shares/mil. units, Value: 100mil yen)
1st Section
Trading Volume 96,786
Trading Value 712,351

Derivatives Market (Including ToSTNeT)
TOPIX Futures
Trading Volume 1,927,144
Open Interest 630,195
(10-year JGB Futures)
Trading Volume 757,081
Open Interest 96,768

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