Published On: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2009

Tokyo Stock Exchange June Trading Summary

The month of June at the Tokyo Stock Exchange saw a total turnover of 45,159,748,000 shares change hands with 76% coming from brokerages and 24% from proprietary members.

Total value in yen was 62,917,070,228,000. Prop desks sold more than they bought last June by a narrow margin with sales comprising 8,465,327,367,000 yen and purchases valued at 8,404,535,021,000 a delta of 60,792,346,000 yen.

Brokerages saw turnover valued at 46,047,207,840,000 yen and with commission running around 3bps earning approximately 13,814,162,352 yen.

The breakdown of client flow at the brokerages saw Institutions as net sellers of 251,797,875,000 yen or 13.2% of turnover by value. Retail were net buyers of 264,667,556,000 yen or 33.1%. Foreign investors were also net buyers but only marginally valued at 21,211,631,000 yen comprising 49.2% of the total value traded last month. Securities firms did about 4.4% as net buyers of 33,133,512,000 yen.

Stock Index futures (TOPIX) turnover by volume was 3,884,230 contracts in June. Futures commission is generated per contract and with an average commission of 200 yen the Stock Index brokers earned approximately 776,846,000 yen. Foreign investors comprised 52.63% of flow and securities companies nearly 37% last month. Notional trading value came in at 35,148,194,000,000.

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