Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2011

Tobias Preis Founder Artemis Capital Video Interview With AsiaEtrading

Tobias Preis Artemis CapitalDr. Tobias Preis Founder and Managing Director Artemis Capital Asset Management spoke with AsiaEtrading about his views on High Frequency Trading (HFT), stock market moves based on search engine queries, the current evolution of algorithmic and quantitative and what is in store for electronic trading in Asia.

5 videos
Runtime: 19 minutes 18 seconds

Dr. Tobias Preis Artemis Cap AM talks about his research into trends and stock market fluctuations.
Duration: 4:17

Dr. Tobias Preis Artemis Cap AM talks about his research into search engine query data and predicting market moves.
Duration: 4:18

Dr. Tobias Preis characterizes the current stage of quantitative algorithmic trading.
Duration: 3:42

Dr. Tobias Preis weighs in on the High Frequency Trading debate and the potential for Asia.
Duration: 2:37

Dr. Tobias Preis explains and talks about “Econophysics”
Duration: 4:24

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