Published On: Fri, Jun 20th, 2014

SZSE ChiNext 50 Index Issued

Chen Dongzheng Chairman SZSE

Chen Dongzheng Chairman SZSE

Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. recently announced to issue ChiNext 50 Index (Code: 399673, Abbreviation: ChiNext 50) on June 18, 2014. ChiNext 50 Index is designed to depict the operation feature of highly liquid stocks of the ChiNext Board, and further enrich index instrument of the ChiNext Market. ChiNext 50 Index takes May 31, 2010 as the base date and 1000 points as the base value.

ChiNext 50 Index is consisted of 50 stocks with the best liquidity selected from the 100 sample stocks of ChiNext Index during the observing period. ChiNext 50 Index put weights on the liquidity, market concentration rate and the efficiency of asset allocation of sample stocks, selecting companies with good reputation, large market capitalization, and high liquidity as sample stocks. Therefore it is a good instrument for investors to enjoy the growth of the ChiNext Board. On account of the rapid growing feature of the ChiNext market, the sample stocks of ChiNext 50 Index will be adjusted every season.

ChiNext 50 Index gathers a group of leading companies in the emerging industries listed on the ChiNext Board, to name some, Huayi Brothers in the field of media dissemination, Bluefocus in the brand management, Originwater in the environmental protection and Chase Sun Pharmaceutical in the health care. Up to the end of May, 2014, the average total market capitalization of sample stocks of ChiNext 50 Index has reached CNY10.6 billion with daily average turnover of index being about CNY 12 billion; the 2012 operating revenue and net profit of the sample stocks increase by 40% and 33% respectively the same period over last year, higher than the average level of the ChiNext Board market and A-share Market.

As data shows, from the base day to the end of May, 2014, accumulative earning of ChiNext 50 Index reached 27.85%, more than 40% exceeding that over the same period of A-share markets benchmark index CNINFO 1000, which is -12.18%. It is reported that, some institutions has already applied for developing fund products based on ChiNext 50 Index.

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