Published On: Mon, Feb 7th, 2011

Summary of January 2011 Activities at TOCOM

Tokyo Commodity Exchange today announced that January 2011 trading volume averaged 120,575 contracts per day, up 15.8% from December 2010. What contributed to this recovery was the increase in gold standard, which is TOCOM’s most traded commodity, by 16% from the previous month to 53,255 contracts per day, increase in gold mini by 16% to 11,770 contracts per day, increase in platinum by 25.4% to 16,036 contracts per day as well as increase in rubber by 32.7% to 19,176 contracts per day.

At the end of January 2011, open interest in all listed commodities totaled 378,158 contracts, an increase of 30,126 contracts from the end of December 2010, continuing the recovering trend to the pre-Lehman’s
Fall in 2008.

The first contract month at the ChukyoOil market, which opened on October 12, 2010 listing gasoline and kerosene, reached the last trading day on January 25, 2011.

The February 2011 contract of Chukyogasoline closed at an expiry price of 58,160 yen and delivery volume was 2,213 lots (equivalent to 22,130 kl). The February 2011 contract of Chukyokerosene closed at an expiry price of 65,420 yen and delivery volume was 3,834 lots (or 38,340 kl).

TOCOM launched the Chukyooil market to offer a forum where trading participants of the oil market operated by Central Japan Commodity Exchange (CCOM), which closed after the expiry of its January 2011 contract on December 24, 2010, could continue to trade.

At Chukyooil market, gasoline and kerosene are the listed commodities and their contract specifications are identical to the then CCOM products, with the exception of the trading method (individual auction by electronic trading multiple executions, continuous trading) and trading hours (9:0015: 30, 17:004:00) have been adopted from TOCOM’s regular trading methods andtrading hours.

The delivery price of the TOCOM Rubber January 2011 contract, which expired on January 25th (last trading day), reached JPY 478.2 per kilogram, a record high since its listing on December 12, 1952.

314 contracts (or 157 delivery units, 1,570 tonnes) were settled by delivery.

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