Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2011

Steve Grob Director Group Strategy Fidessa Video Interview AsiaEtrading

Steve Grob Director Group Strategy Fidessa

Steve Grob Director Group Strategy Fidessa

Steve Grob Director Group Strategy Fidessa spoke with AsiaEtrading about fragmentation in Australia and Japan, what the future of exchange competition will look like, gaming and surveillance and how brokers and exchange are changing and evolving in an increasingly competitive electronic trading industry in Asia.

7 videos
Runtime: 18 minutes 58 seconds

Steve Grob talks about competition in Australia and the steps the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has taken to fend off Chi-X Australia.
Duration: 2:40

Steve Grob talks about fragmentation in Japan and what we can expect to see in that market.
Duration: 2:19

Steve Grob talks about gaming and surveillance and what is being done in the electronic trading industry to address these issues.
Duration: 1:51

Steve Grob talks about the challenges brokerage firms face in aggregating trading business.
Duration: 1:53

Steve Grob talks about what Asia can learn from the US and Europe with respect to creating a viable regulatory environment for exchange competition.
Duration: 2:49

Steve Grob talks about the future of fragmentation in Asia, what markets will be destinations for competition and his view on clearing.
Duration: 4:16

Steve Grob talks about how the roles of the big banks/brokers and exchanges will likely evolve and develop in Asia in an increasingly competitive environment.
Duration: 3:17

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