Published On: Sat, Mar 9th, 2013

Solution Providers Releases Paper on Singapore Asset Management Industry

Dr Mario Bassi, Head of Asia, Solution ProvidersSolution Providers has released a paper on the Singapore asset management industry and sees a bright future for Singapore as a hub for the region. Based on extensive research and analysis, supplemented by structured interviews with key industry figures, the industry has sound foundations for the future.

In its paper, Solution Providers states that the Singapore asset management industry is increasingly attractive to firms finding the economic climate in Europe and the US challenging. While the industry has grown rapidly in the past decade, it should be recognised that it is still in the early stages of development; segments of the industry, such as external asset managers, are even more nascent, having established their presence mostly in the last five years since the financial crisis.

Additionally, while there should be a period of consolidation in 2013 in Singapore, sensible segmentation and robust, healthy, professionally-run asset management companies can only be good for the industry. In this respect, Solution Providers feels that the Monetary Authority of Singapore should be lauded for sticking to their «steady as she goes» guiding principle for the development of the asset management industry in Singapore – to steer as needed to continue on the current heading.

The level of industry involvement of both asset management and external asset management companies in the research conducted by Solution Providers indicates high levels of interest in matters relating to market dynamics and information. Managing Director and Head Asia, Dr Mario A. Bassi states «This is a very exciting time for the asset management industry in Asia. The rise in awareness of external asset managers and the strong regulatory foundations for the industry as a whole provide an excellent springboard for future development and success.

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