Published On: Sun, Mar 13th, 2011

SBI Japannext Business As Usual After Earthquake

Dear Members, Participants, and Concerned Parties,

First, our prayers and hearts go out to the people in the North of Japan devastated by the most severe Earth Quake and Tsunami in Japan’s history.

Some experts said that once in 1000 year event just took place in nature. I just heard from local news that M8.8 has been updated to M9.0 which makes within top five earth quakes reported in the world.

All of us in Tokyo are grateful that we were spared–virtually with no damage to the infrastructures and buildings. Although if you were in Tokyo, you may say that we had some death defying moments as the buildings sway back and forth, side to side, making hideous popping and creepy squeaking sounds.

There is news out in media that Tokyo may face roaming blackouts (10 million watt shortage is expected) due to shortage of power starting this week. I would like to reassure our members and participants of following:

1. We have received assurances from TEPCO that @Tokyo data center will be unaffected by power shortage in Tokyo.
2. We would like to reassure all of you that we will resume our normal operating market hours (8:20 AM ~ 4:30 PM).
3. We will proactively engage in informing all of you of any developments in timely manner.
4. If TSE announce that they will shutdown the market due to concerns that market may sell off senselessly, we will follow TSE by shutting down our market.
5. If TSE announce that they will shorten the market hours to half day, we will keep our market open as usual and retain normal market hours.
6. If for any reasons, @Tokyo is having technical difficulties with backup generators, we will notify all of you in timely manner and proceed with orderly shutdown of the market.
7. If any of our market participants with 20% market share has difficulty due to power shortages and notify us, in accordance with PTS trading regulation, we will inform our members and participants and proceed with orderly shutdown of the market. For your information, only one member has over 20% market share.
8. Technically and system wise, please be reassured that we are READY to open up our market Monday morning.
9. To cooperate with power shortages in Tokyo, we will shutdown our UAT environment until further notice. We ask our members for cooperation in power saving measures so that we can route all electrical power to ensure proper operation of production environments.
10. To assist you in any way possible and if you need to talk to us directly, please see below for the contact details: (Please take note that cell phone numbers starting with +81-80 or +81-90 may get jammed time to time. If you have difficulty in contacting us via our cell phone numbers, please use the landline numbers starting with +81-3-). All of us will be in stand-by to assist you in anyway possible.

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