Published On: Mon, Feb 14th, 2011

SBI Japannext Announces Management Change

Thank you for your continued support of SBI Japannext. We are working diligently to ensure that we stay the number one PTS venue, and striving to steadfastly expand our market share. We wanted to update you on recent organizational changes that will improve our responsiveness and position the company for continued growth going forward.

Effective 1st February 2011, SBI Japannext will be co‐led by Masami Hatakeyama and me.

Hatakeyama is an industry veteran with solid experience in compliance and regulatory matters, risk management, business planning and corporate governance. As for my introduction, I joined SBI Japannext as Chief Technology Officer in 2006 and have since expanded my focus to include business development, sales and marketing. Hatakeyama and I look forward to working together as co‐CEO’s to meet our immediate goal of 5% market share by the end of 2011 and to position the company forlonger‐term growth.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on recent business performance:
• Volume: We have hit the record trading value of over ¥20bn on 11th January with a corresponding monthly volume of ¥253bn.
• New Participants: We have added 2 new members since the beginning of February and will have 2 additional members by the end of April. We are actively engaging 6 new members to be onboard by mid‐year.
• Night time market restructuring: Mid‐night session (030‐2am) to be terminated by the end of March to improve the operational efficiency and concentrate more on the day time and evening (7‐11:59pm) sessions.

In closing, we sincerely appreciate your patience and commitment to support SBI Japannext. We have made good progress in furthering the PTS causes thus far, however, we have more work to do in order to create a world‐class alternative market structure in Japan. We ask for your continued support of all PTS venues and look forward to working with you to achieve this goal.

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