Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2009

RTS Tango’s In Asia

rtslogoRTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS) was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992 where it began cultivating its roots in futures and options trading at the forerunner of Eurex (The DTB). But what does that have to do with Tango in Asia? In 2005 RTS launched RTD Tango its low latency, event-based, algorithmic trading platform and can now be found in Asia.

I have had the pleasure of seeing RTD Tango for myself and was really amazed at how quickly and easily I could build trading strategies. I am certainly no coder and the interface to create the strategies didn’t need me to be. Unlike some programmable algorithmic strategy applications on the market that require hours of training (or even an expensive dedicated coder) more time and energy can be put into tweaking your models (or backtesting on the RTD Tango Backtester) and making money trading.

I think what I really liked about Tango was the notion that RTS has reinvented itself from a options market making application to a truly multi-product, mult-strategy, open-ended trading platform. If you have an idea how you want to build your algo and where you want to send your trade then you should really take a look at this product when considering a front-end. Among other things you can do stat-arb or other low latency trading strategies. Or maybe you want to send slices of an order or a basket of orders to various venues in your connectivity sphere. They’ve had a FIX API since 2003.

RTS have just moved into their new regional headquarters in Singapore headed by Stephane Lannoy a 20 year veteran of electronic trading. They are planning to open an office in Hong Kong in the near future. They have also recently engaged Global Winning Technologies in Japan to bring RTS to the lucrative Japanese marketplace not to mention the office in Sydney, Australia too.

It was nice to see a creative product in the algorithmic trading space where I had only known broker algos whose passive orders seem to always be at the back of the queue or where using buckets to send slices regardless how wide the spread was. Take a look at RTS Tango and judge for yourself.

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