RTS Realtime Systems Connects to Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange

Andy Woodhouse RTSRTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading global trading solutions provider, announced February 16 that the company now offers market access to the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx), China’s international commodity marketplace.

The move enables RTS clients – including commodity trading firms, hedge funds, asset managers, institutional investors and algorithmic traders – to trade, arbitrage and offset their risk with positions on HKMEx. RTS offers multi-asset class, ultra-low latency and high frequency connectivity to more than 135 exchanges and markets globally.

HKMEx trades a 32 troy ounces (1 kilo) gold futures contract, and a 1,000 troy ounces silver futures contract. Both are denominated in U.S. dollars, with the option for physical delivery in Hong Kong during the Asia Pacific time zone. The Exchange is in the process of launching a renminbi-denominated gold futures contract along with other precious metals. Also to be launched are renminbi contracts in copper and other base metals.

Andy Woodhouse, RTS Managing Director, APAC, said: “We are excited to offer access to this new destination for global commodities trading into and out of China. Our customers in Asia and across the globe want to trade this key market, particularly with the successful establishment of a gold futures contract as the regional benchmark. By leveraging our vast portfolio of trading venues, clients can profit from arbitrage opportunities in the worldwide precious metals markets.”

Said Albert Helmig, President of HKMEx: “HKMEx is committed to providing market participants access to commodity contracts with state-of-the-art trading technology. RTS represents part of the Exchange’s ongoing and conscious effort to extend low latency access to better serve the needs of the market. We are committed to providing members with a transparent and liquid environment for trading commodities futures contracts on a fast, reliable and secure platform.”

RTS clients will be able to access the HKMEx’s entire suite of products, including its gold and silver futures, through the Exchange’s state-of-the-art electronic platform, connecting via the RTS portfolio of trading solutions. These include RTS’ low latency algorithmic trading engine RTD Tango and the hybrid trading solution RTD Tango Trader. Proprietary and FIX APIs (application programming interfaces) also allow trading firms to connect to the HKMEx trading engine through their own application and tools. Trading front-ends can be combined with RTS’ risk solutions to seamlessly create straight-through processing (STP) capabilities.

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