Published On: Fri, Mar 26th, 2010

Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Market “TOCOM NEXT” Launched 23 March

Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (“TOCOM” or the “Exchange”) launched the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Market, “TOCOM NEXT” and trading started on 23 March at 9:00 AM.

Tadashi Ezaki, President and CEO of the Exchange, made the following statement on the first trading session of the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Futures Contract:

“The Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Futures is the first genuine futures contract to be listed on the TOCOM market in the past six and a half years. In comparison with other futures contracts, this newly listed product has a number of particular characteristics, including the fact that it virtually has no expiry as a Contract Day Transaction, or the fact that it is a transaction settled by price differentials without physical delivery. Because the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Futures offers the opportunity to invest in a basket of commodities, this product shall be an efficient way to invest in commodities for retail investors who have been interested in such investment but were so far hesitant to participate.

On its first trading day, the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index Futures did reasonably well with a volume of 3,041 contracts. Moving forward, we will work to encourage the development of ETFs and investment trusts linked to the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index, and promote TOCOM NEXT as a trigger to revitalize all of our commodity markets.”

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