Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2013

Newedge Enhances Metals Trading Platform for China

John Fay, Global Head of Commodities and Currencies, Newedge

John Fay, Global Head of Commodities and Currencies, Newedge

Newedge, a global leader in multi-asset brokerage and clearing, today unveiled an enhanced version of its industry-leading Metals and Commodities trading platform, CN Pulse.

The latest version of CN Pulse includes added functionality that improves pre-funding capabilities and offers broader access to Chinese and global Metals markets. The platform also now features a pre-margin risk function to mirror Chinese exchange and domestic trading practices.

“Newedge’s CN Pulse is the market-leading platform for Metals and Commodities trading into and out of China,” says John Fay, Global Head of Commodities and Currencies at Newedge. “Its advanced trading capabilities provide our clients – as well as the clients of our onshore joint venture partner CITIC Newedge – with seamless access to global and Chinese domestic markets. By mirroring Chinese margin practices, the enhanced CN Pulse platform allows clients to tap into the opportunities the future liberalization of Chinese domestic markets offers.”

The CN Pulse platform offers simultaneous trading at multiple global futures exchanges and the four futures exchanges in China, both in Chinese and English languages, via a single point of entry and a single screen. It allows arbitrage trading between onshore and offshore futures contracts and calendar spread rolling at the Shanghai Futures Exchange.

Newedge is a leading Category 1 ring-dealing member of the London Metal Exchange (‘LME’). The company’s base and precious Metals services include a leading electronic platform (‘MetalsEdge’) to all major exchanges, full service brokerage including integrated post-trade solutions, warrant financing and options broking. Clients range from corporates, industrial and financial clients, to hedge funds and CTAs.

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