Published On: Mon, Dec 20th, 2010

Lee Porter Managing Director Asia Liquidnet Video Interview With

Lee Porter, Managing Director, Asia of Liquidnet spoke with about alternative trading venues and darkpools in Asia, how well these venues are being received, which markets are growing faster than others and the future of these services in Asia.

Lee Porter talks with about how the buy-side is receiving alternative trading venues in Asia.
Duration: 1:53


Lee Porter talks about which Asia markets are using alternative trading venues.
Duration: 1:42


Lee Porter talks about the markets will experience the greatest growth in Fragmentation in Asia.
Duration: 1:30


Lee Porter talks about how exchange competition in Asia will evolve in the next 3 to 5 years.
Duration: 1:28


Lee Porter talks about how Liquidnet is preventing gaming and information leakage from occurring in thier venue.
Duration: 2:12


Lee Porter talks about how liquidity is being found and evolving in Asia.
Duration: 1:09


Lee Porter explains the different types of dark pools as they “are not all created equally”.
Duration: 1:57

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