Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2011

KVH to Offer IPv6 Internet Access Services

KVH Co., Ltd. will offer IPv6 connectivity for “KVH Data Center Internet Access Services” and “KVH Internet Access Services” starting March 1, 2011.

In order to address the rapid depletion of IPv4 addresses and to continue to ensure unparalleled access to the Internet for its customers, KVH has developed a new IPv6 connectivity backbone that will enable customers to operate their existing IPv4 environments in parallel with IPv6. These new access services will allow KVH’s existing large-scale e-commerce customers to migrate to IPv6 environments with minimum transition cost and operational workload.

“Full-scale IPv6 support on our backbone is an example of KVH’s commitment to continually upgrade our infrastructure, to ensure our customers have the best possible network service, and enjoy reduced business risk in IPv4 to IPv6 transitions,” said Bill Chute, Executive Vice President, Systems and Technology of KVH

Beginning its IPv6 offerings with the service menu items below, KVH will continue to drive the development of IPv6 services as this market evolves.

1. Service Menu
a) IPv4/IPv6 Dual Service
Both IPv4 and IPv6 packets are made available over the same circuit, enabling the continued use of the existing IPv4 environment.

b) IPv6 Native Service
An IPv6-only connectivity service best suited for customers who do not wish to mix IPv6 and IPv4 packets.

c) Tunneling Service
IPv6 packets sent over IPv4 by implementing an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel*1 to the tunnel termination device in the KVH Network targeting customers wishing to run IPv6 trials on existing users of KVH IPv4 Internet Access Services.

d) Translation Service (Under development)
A service to provide connectivity to IPv4 Internet sites for IPv6 Native Service customers.

2. Coverage Area
Kanto Area (to be expanded to Osaka area and other regions in subsequent phases)

3. Usage Fees
Usage fees are similar to the existing IPv4 Internet Access Fees. For more details, please contact a KVH Sales representative.

*1 Technology to connect IPv6 networks randomly dispersed over the IPv4 networks. IPv6 packets are encapsulated in IPv4 packets and sent over the existing IPv4 network.

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