Published On: Tue, Oct 7th, 2014


Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO, KRX -

Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO, KRX –

On September 30, 2014, on behalf of the Korea Exchange (KRX) and the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX), Mr. Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO of the KRX, and Mr. Megain Widjaja, CEO of the ICDX, concluded an MoU.

It is expected that the MoU will promote cooperation between the two Exchanges in areas such as joint research, information sharing, exchange of human resources and the development of IT systems for trading, clearing and settlement and market oversight.

Chairman & CEO Kyungsoo Choi mentioned, “As the ICDX is a newborn and dynamic exchange for commodities and derivatives where gold, palm oil and tin produced in Indonesia are being traded, the KRX will be able to not only find a new business opportunity in diversified areas including the IT system development but also create a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with the ICDX through the MoU.”.

CEO Megain Widjaja stated that the ICDX recognizes KRX’s success in operating one of the leading derivative markets of the world and he hoped to develop the Indonesian derivatives market through sharing KRX’s experiences, implementing new IT systems and strengthening international collaboration in various areas of market operations.

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