Published On: Fri, Oct 21st, 2011

IRESS Announces Introductory Pricing Structure for Australian Multi-Market Trading Terminal OTW+BMR

IRESS is pleased to announce a competitive pricing structure to help its broking clients to prepare for multi-markets in Australia. IRESS Managing Director, Andrew Walsh, said, “the move is welcomed by clients and will enable an easy multi-markets transition for traders and operators by leveraging existing ASX and IRESS infrastructure without additional cost.”

For clients using the IRESS Operator Trader Workstation (OTW) as a standalone trading terminal, IRESS will offer it’s Best Market Router (BMR) at no cost for 12 months commencing November 2011.

Existing IRESS clients who have all the necessary connectivity and trading infrastructure in place to trade the ASX, and with connectivity to Chi-X managed by IRESS ION, IRESS’ ultra-low latency network, multi-market access is available without any additional technology.

The offer from IRESS is aimed directly at brokers looking to replace their existing ASX ITS Trader Workstations with a multi-markets compliant product that is to be used standalone for smart order routing. OTW serves as a comprehensive single product replacement to ITS functionality.

Standard OTW rates apply at the current monthly price of $250 per terminal, and for standalone users, the IRESS BMR is offered at no cost for 12 months.

Walsh also said that with so much change in the underlying marketplace, offering clients familiar trading tools is important. “Clients who already rely on and are familiar with the IRESS suite of products will find the transition much easier with OTW,” he said.

OTW is fully integrated within the IRESS platform and leverages IOS+, IRESS’ order management system, offering a range of additional opportunities. With features such as hot-key capability, OTW is in line with the ASX Trader Workstation facilitating an easy transition.

IRESS BMR is a fully managed solution for a broker’s smart order routing needs, intelligently achieving best price across all available venues. The BMR is represented as an IOS+ destination and is used as the default routing destination for traders.

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