Published On: Sun, Jan 16th, 2011

iPhone Dealer Boards?

Orange Business Services Open TradeThe dealer board or Turret as it’s also known is a staple of any dealing room on the buy and sell side. It is a super phone that allows you to store hundreds of numbers enabling rapid contact to anyone with a trade idea, an order confirmation or a back office trade break. Conversations are recorded, available in squawk mode and the phone typically comes with two headsets personifying the busy trader seen on most Wall Street movies. At the end of the day, however, it is just a phone and over the past few years the turret business has been subject to decreasing margins as lower cost alternatives emerge and cost conscious brokers have seen their commissions squeezed.

Orange Business Services’ Trading Solutions will launch its next generation Turret (you might know it as Etrali) dubbed “Open Trade” on January 18. While offering all the bells and whistles of any dealer board the stand out feature is the ability to create custom applications specific to your business by offering a programmable interface and an API. For example, proprietary research can be distributed internally through the turret screen which the dealer can then quickly read and make a call to the appropriate party to generate a trade. Or news specific to a dealers coverage such as Oil or the Entertainment industry can be fed into a custom news reader. Perhaps even a block trading application where indications of interest can be sent to a desk through the Open Trade screen. The possibilities for different features and functionalities are vast.

Open Trade is the focal point for conversations and information amalgamating voice, email , video, internet applications and instant messaging. The Turret comes with its own CPU, a second screen if you prefer and interoperability with other third party communication tools. It also offers automatic message routing so when you leave the office calls will be automatically forwarded to your mobile (and these conversations will be recorded too as has recently been mandated in the UK and, likely, UK companies in Asia such as HSBC or Barclay’s very soon).

Interestingly, as more business specific applications are developed the further entrenched this “smart phone” will become into a firm providing that stickiness and longevity a vendor covets in its products. In the age of iPhone and custom applications, Trading Solutions is an innovative and forward thinking offering that will breathe new life into the dealer board business. It will empower trading desks to do more faster and potentially change the way a trading desk operates.

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  1. Paul Metcalfe says:

    Orange Trading Solutions’ “smart turret” ably demonstrates the next generation in trader voice communication. It takes the lessons learnt from class leading unified communication solutions and integrates them on a distributed, ‘cloud friendly’ platform. More than a mere ‘dress up’ of old technology, it breaks new ground and really delivers, in an innovative, yet secure and robust package.

    As the title suggests, it provides iPhone like flexibility on a dealer board today and sets an exciting prospect for future productivity and ‘value add’ applications.

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