Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2012

HKMEx Welcomes Jefferies Bache As New Clearing Member

Patrice Blanc CEO Jefferies Bache

Patrice Blanc CEO Jefferies Bache

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx), China’s global marketplace, announces March 15 that Jefferies Bache Limited, a leading global commodities dealer, has joined as the Exchange’s newest clearing member. The membership enables Jefferies Bache to clear and settle transactions conducted by all other members of the Exchange.

香港,2012年3月15日 – 香港商品交易所(港商交所)今日宣布,全球最大的商品交易商之一Jefferies Bache Limited加盟港商交所成为最新清算会员,将为交易所其他会员提供清算和结算服务。

With over 130 years of experience in commodities markets, Jefferies Bache is an industry leader specializing in exchange-traded futures and options, commodities and over-the-counter products including precious and base metals and foreign exchange. The company offers 24-hour global coverage with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Chicago and Kansas City.

Jefferies Bache从事商品市场业务已有130多年历史,在交易所买卖期货和期权、商品、场外交易贵金属、基本金属和外汇产品等业务具有业界领导地位。该公司提供覆盖全球的24小时服务,在纽约、伦敦、香港、汉堡、芝加哥和堪萨斯城设有办事处。

“We are very pleased to join HKMEx and see tremendous potential for this new partnership,” said Patrice Blanc, Chairman and CEO of Jefferies Bache. “This membership is the next step in the continued expansion of our client-focused platform within Asia, and builds upon Jefferies’ existing access to the Chinese and Asian commodity markets, two key geographies and markets for our business.”

Jefferies Bache主席兼行政总裁Patrice Blanc表示:「我们很高兴加入港商交所,并看好这个新的伙伴关系的巨大潜力。加盟港商交所不但显示了我们在亚洲持续发展以客户为中心的平台又前进了一步,而且将巩固Jefferies目前在中国和亚洲这两个主要的地点和市场的商品业务。」

“We look forward to working in partnership with HKMEx to continue to build our business and extend our platform in this key marketplace,” added Emmanuel Faure, Head of Jefferies Bache Asia Pacific.
Jefferie Bache亚太区主管Emmanuel Faure亦表示:「我们期待与港商交所携手合作,在这个主要市场不断巩固我们的业务及拓展我们的平台。」

Barry Cheung, Chairman of HKMEx, said, “HKMEx’s vision is to connect China’s fast-growing commodity markets with the rest of the world. With its worldwide coverage, and distinguished history and expertise in the industry, Jefferies Bache’s admission will enrich participation and liquidity on our platform. We look forward to working with this valuable new member to further develop and cultivate the vibrant Chinese and Asian markets.”

港商交所主席张震远表示:「港商交所旨在为快速发展的中国商品市场打造通往世界的桥梁。Jefferies Bache拥有全球网络,在业界具有悠久的历史和专业知识,他的加盟将增强我们平台的参与度和流动性。我们期待与这家新的重量级会员合作,进一步开发和培育充满活力的中国和亚洲市场。」

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