Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2011

HKMEx Adds GH Financials Limited as Newest Clearing Member

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (“HKMEx”), China’s international commodity marketplace, announced July 28 the addition of GHF Group as the Exchange’s newest clearing member, marking the fifth addition to HKMEx membership since the Exchange launched earlier this year.

香港,2011年7月28日 – 香港商品交易所(「港商交所」)–中國的國際商品市場–今天宣佈,G.H.Financials Limited(「GHF集團」)加盟港商交所成為最新清算會員。GHF集團是港商交所自今年5月開業以來第5間加盟的新會員公司。

GHF Group, an international trading and clearing firm with offices around the world, provides clearing and settlement services to professional traders, proprietary groups and financial institutions, as well as brokerage and execution services to clients in the derivatives industry.


Its approval as HKMEx’s clearing member will allow GHF Group access to HKMEx’s electronic platform for trading commodities within the Asia Pacific time zone in a transparent, liquid and cleared environment. As a clearing member, GHF Group will also be able to clear transactions conducted by other members.


“At GHF, we pride ourselves in being able to spot opportunities ahead of the market. HKMEx’s combination of innovative and Asian-tailored products – such as its gold and silver futures contracts – as well as its strategic role in bridging the Chinese and international commodity markets, make them an ideal partner for us as we continue to build relationships around the globe,” said Gedon Hertshten, Chairman of GHF Group.

GHF集團主席Gedon Hertshten表示:「GHF集團一向洞悉市場機遇,有見港商交所推出的黃金和白銀期貨合約充滿創意,切合亞洲市場的需要。同時它在連接中國和國際商品市場上發揮著策略性的作用,我們相信港商交所絕對是我們全球業務發展的理想合作夥伴。」

Barry Cheung, Chairman of HKMEx, said: “We are very pleased to have GHF join our fast-growing Exchange as we continue to build on our strengths and forge ahead to become the international marketplace for commodities trading in China.”


G. H. Financials Limited joins HKMEx’s three existing clearing members Interactive Brokers (UK) Ltd, MF Global UK Ltd, and Morgan Stanley & Co International Plc. The exchange also has 19 broking members including BOCI Securities Ltd, Bright Smart Futures and Commodities Co. Ltd, Celestial Commodities Ltd, CES Capital International Co. Ltd, Chief Commodities Ltd, GF Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Haitong International Futures Limited ICBC International Futures Ltd, Interactive Brokers LLC, Jinrui Futures (Hong Kong) Limited, KGI Futures (Hong Kong) Ltd, MF Global Hong Kong Ltd, Morgan Stanley Hong Kong Securities Ltd, Nanhua Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, OSK Futures Hong Kong Ltd, Phillip Commodities (HK) Ltd, Tanrich Futures Ltd, TG Securities Ltd, and Wing Fung Futures Limited.

GHF集團加盟港商交所的另外3間清算會員,分別是Interactive Brokers (UK) Ltd、MF Global UK Ltd及Morgan Stanley & Co International Plc,成為第4間清算會員。港商交所先前已公佈19間經紀會員,包括中銀國際證券有限公司、耀才商品及期貨有限公司、時富商品有限公司、東航國際金融有限公司、致富期貨商品有限公司、廣發期貨(香港)有限公司、海通國際期貨有限公司、工銀國際期貨有限公司、盈透有限公司、金瑞期貨(香港)有限公司、凱基期貨(香港)有限公司、明富環球香港有限公司、Morgan Stanley Hong Kong Securities Ltd、南華期貨(香港)有限公司、僑豐期貨有限公司、輝立商品(香港)有限公司、敦沛期貨有限公司、匯澤證券有限公司及永豐期貨有限公司。

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