Published On: Sun, Apr 3rd, 2011

HKEx to Launch Basic Market Prices Service

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) will provide investors with real-time basic prices from the securities and derivatives markets through a wider range of information vendors which can then offer the data on interactive platforms such as websites and mobile applications when it launches its Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service April 1 (Friday).

The BMP service providers include information vendors, Exchange Participants or their affiliates, and the six designated website providers which were part of the Free Prices Website Service pilot programme*. Starting on 1 April and in the coming days, they will begin offering the BMP Service through a total of 23 websites and ten mobile applications.

Under the BMP Service, HKEx provides basic information from its securities and derivatives markets to third parties for a flat monthly fee. The information, which will then be made available to investors, includes:

Nominal price/closing price and last trade price for all securities traded on the Stock Exchange;

Indicative Equilibrium Price (or IEP) and Indicative Equilibrium Volume (or IEV), which are calculated during the pre-opening trading session, for all securities traded on the Stock Exchange;

Turnover value and volume of all securities traded on the Stock Exchange; and

High/low prices of the day of all securities traded on the Stock Exchange.

A corresponding BMP service is also available for the derivatives market.

HKEx has also approved another six BMP service applications from information vendors who plan to launch the BMP service on their websites and other interactive platforms soon.

Exchange Participants, Financial Institutions, Structured Product Issuers and Listed Companies can also offer the BMP Service on their websites through HKEx-licensed information vendors’ Third Party Websites or Listed Company Website BMP Services.

With the official launch of the BMP Service, the Free Prices Website Service pilot programme has concluded successfully. It was well received by the market and generated a monthly average of more than 880 million stock quotes through the six designated websites, which is an average of 42 million stock quotes per trading day. The number of page views generated by the six websites reached a monthly average of 612 million. They also drew average daily traffic of 640,000 unique visitors.

HKEx believes that the BMP Service will further enhance market transparency and raise the profile of the Hong Kong securities and derivatives markets on the Mainland.

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