Published On: Tue, Apr 27th, 2010

Half Rack Cabinet Option and On-Site Survey Space Will Be Added to TSE Co-Location Service

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE), which provides high speed Co-Location Service at its Primary Site for the enhanced convenience of investors and Trading Participants, announced April 27 that in order to better meet the needs of its customers, it has decided to add a “Half Rack Cabinet” option to its Co-Location Service. In addition, recognizing the strong demand for surveying the Co-Location Area, an “On-Site Survey Space” will be set up.

Under current pricing, Trading Participants are required to pay a basic monthly charge of 750,000 JPY per one rack cabinet, with average cooling power up to 4kVA per one rack cabinet. For the Half Rack Cabinet option, TSE will provide up to 2kVA cooling per one rack cabinet. Trading Participants can apply for up to two Half Rack Cabinets. This new Half Rack Cabinet option provides customers who are considering usage of Co-Location Service with a new lower priced alternative. The basic monthly charge for a Half Rack Cabinet is 400,000 JPY per one rack cabinet. Other related costs, which consist of Initial Costs, Power and Cooling Fee, arrownet Connection Fee, etc., are the same as for standard rack cabinet usage.

Entrance into the Co-Location Area by Trading Participants and others is strictly prohibited under normal circumstances due to TSE’s high level security policy. However, for surveying and consideration of usage of Co-Location Service by Trading Participants, an On-Site Survey Space will be built inside the Co-Location Area. It will be separated from the rack cabinets in use in order to maintain security.

The Half Rack Cabinet option and the On-Site Survey Space are planned to launch in June, 2010. For further information, please contact the Co-Location Service Promotion Office or refer to the “Welcome Pack for TSE Co-Location Service” for Trading Participants.

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