Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2011

Futures Daily Yao Yibing Interview with FOW William Mitting

China and the Global Derivatives Development Forum is to take place shortly, Journalist from Futures Daily Yao Yibing had an interview with Editor of FOW William Mitting.

Yao: Dear Mr. William Mitting, I am the journalist from Futures Daily. I have heard that the inaugural “China and the Global Derivatives Market Development Forum” which was co-sponsored by FOW and Dalian Commodity Exchange will be held in Dalian on 5-6th of this coming July. In order to learn more about the background of this forum and also have a better understanding about the development trend of the Global derivative market, I would like to ask following questions in my interview.

Firstly, as an international conference organization which specializes in Futures and Options, FOW has held many derivative market forums all around the world. What makes you this time choose Dalian Commodity Exchange as your new partner? And what kind of aims you expect to achieve from this forum?

Mitting: “At FOW we are always on the look-out for new opportunities to work with global leaders in derivatives. We have never held an event in China before and the tie up with DCE was a perfect fit for us. We are always looking to work with innovative and forward thinking companies and DCE fits this mould very well.

“We aim to provide visitors to the forum with invaluable insights into DCE and the Chinese derivatives market. We have attracted a large number of industry leaders from China and across the globe onto the panels and look forward very much to hearing their insights into the market and the opportunities for both local and international investors.”

Yao: Secondly, as the professional organization which concerns about the Global Derivative Market development, how does FOW evaluate the current developments and future prospects of the Chinese derivatives market? And what is your opinion regarding the changes that the Chinese derivatives market has more and more closer connection with the Global one?

Mitting: “The world is watching the Chinese derivatives market closely. One of the key issues for our readers outside China is how they can access the Chinese derivatives market. Authorities in China have rightly been cautious about the expansion of the derivatives market and are opening up the market slowly to foreign investment. The recent moves to open up access to trading on CSI 300 futures for QFIIs is welcome.

“Derivatives trading in Asia now accounts for almost half of global volumes and we expect the region to continue to grow its market share and interest from within China and international interest in Chinese derivatives will be a key driver of that growth. The derivatives industry is truly global.”

Yao: Thirdly, as so far there have been nearly 20 exchanges have applied to participate in this Forum, compared with previous forums, how do you evaluate this forum in the respect of scale?

Mitting: “We are delighted with the interest in the forum and this will be one of our biggest this year. The strong interest demonstrates how important DCE and China as a whole is to the global derivatives market.”

Yao: Thank you so much for your time and I wish the forum a complete success.

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